Legal Trademarks and Copyrights


When trademarked products are mentioned in a publication, the first time use is marked by the appropriate symbol: Ò or Ô .

Because each lesson can be viewed as a separate entity the first use of the name of any trademarked product must be correctly trademarked in each lesson, concept, or tutorial overview.

Use of a product name such as 3D Studio gets the Ò symbol after it and distinguishes an Autodesk product from those of any other manufacturer. Use of Animation Player gets the Ô placed immediately afterwards.

  • Products registered with the Patent and Trademark Office are designed by placing the superscript letter Ò immediately after it.
  • Products which are claimed but not yet registered with the Patent and Trademark Office are designated by the Ô symbol.

The status of various products changes regularly. Products start off as a Ô and then—after a year or so—are given an Ò .

Check the trademark information provided by the Autodesk web site for the current product trademark status and which designations are appropriate