Autodesk product users are visually oriented design professionals who perform their work on graphical user interfaces. Well designed, informative graphics especially appeal to them.

Participants retain information and perform tasks better after studying information supported by well-designed and effective graphics. Users assign greater satisfaction and value to graphically presented information as opposed to textually presented information. Well-designed graphics improve the effectiveness of your content and increase customer satisfaction.

Concept static graphics make concepts easier to understand by providing concrete illustrations of abstract ideas. When planned carefully, they often take the place of a well-meaning, lengthier animation.

Topic static graphics are screen captures of the application at key points during procedures. Use them when screen recordings are not needed, or are too difficult to produce.

Concept animations are 3D rendered animations about a minute long. Careful planning and the creation of storyboards are critical to your success.

Topic animations are 2D screen recordings of demonstrations that show procedure steps. It is important to use the true application for the animation. Attempts to simulate complex graphics applications are easy to spot and reduce user confidence in your content.

Check List

  • Concept static graphics are 2D illustrations of concepts.

  • Topic static graphics are screen captures of procedures.

  • Concept animations are 3D rendered animations that illustrate concepts.

  • Topic animations are screen recordings of demonstrations.

Fig. 12. Topic Static Graphics illustrate procedures. Notice how much information this single screen capture delivers.